Children’s Basketball


AGES 6-13

The details below are from the 2018-19 season.

Registration for the 2019-20 season will open on August 1st!

The Children's Basketball League is for boys and girls 6 to 13 years old (age as of January 1, 2019).  Boys and girls will play in separate leagues (not coed).  The cost of registration is $80.

REGISTRATIONS [will open up on August 1st]


Team Placement


As our Sports Ministry has grown to the extent that we now have more than 3000 participants annually, the number of "same team player requests" and "specific coach requests" has reached the point that we are no longer able to accommodate all the requests due to time constraints along with our desire to attempt to create "equally skilled" teams.

With that being said, as this is a ministry in which we use sports as a way to reach new families (outreach requests), we will accommodate a request to play on the same team if the person you have invited has not previously participated in a Colonial Sports Ministry league.

In addition to this we are unfortunately not able to honor specific date and time requests.

In rare instances, we will allow a skilled 5-year-old to play in the U8 (6 & 7 years old) division, or allow a very skilled player to play in an older age division. In both cases, you MUST first contact us for approval.


  • One hour on either Monday, Tuesday or Thursday evenings
  • 4:45, 5:30, 6:15, 7:00, or 7:45 practice times.
  • Practices start the week of December 10th.
  • Each practice will include a team meeting and a devotional
  • The registration allows you to choose one night you cannot practice on.
  • Younger teams will practice earlier if coach availability allows.

Practice Map


Games are played on Saturdays. The season will begin on Saturday, January 5th and conclude on Saturday, February 16th (7 games).

SPECIAL NOTE: please know prior to registering your child that we are quite strict enforcing that no one wears earrings regardless of the size of the earrings during games. We suggest taking them out just prior to the game and then put them back in right after the game. In this way, they are out for just over an hour. You can put a band aid over the hole to prevent possible infection.

2018-19 Children's Basketball Game Schedule

U8 Boys Game ScheduleU8 Girls Game Schedule
U10 Boys Game ScheduleU10 Girls Game Schedule
U12 Boys Game ScheduleU12-14 Girls Game Schedule
U14 Boys Game Schedule

Game Map

The U8 league uses a 27.5" ball and the U10-U14 leagues use a 28.5" ball. The U8 league plays on 8' goals, the U10 league plays on 9' goals, and the U12-U14 leagues play on 10' goals.

2018-19 Children's Basketball Calendar



"We are so grateful for your tremendous effort in this ministry. At a neighborhood party last weekend, we had a couple that does not attend our church but does participate in basketball at Colonial commenting on how efficient and well run the evaluation nights went. Last year was their first year with us, and the father spoke about how much they liked the devotions done with the team. We see that this ministry is reaching far and wide into our community, and making a real impact in the lives of families all around us." Teresa     

Coach's Corner

Children's Basketball Coach RegistrationMinistry Volunteer Application
Parent/Coach Handbook2018-19 Coach's Meeting Video


League Rules

U8 Boys RulesU8 Girls Rules
U10 Boys RulesU10 Girls Rules
U12 Boys RulesU12-14 Girls Rules
U14 Boys Rules



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