Cross Country


This team is intended for boys and girls in Middle School who love to run! The practices, runs and meets are designed for those who enjoy running and/or competing in order to learn, improve and continue their joy of running. (It is not recommended for those in this age bracket who do not already love to run.)  The cost of registration is $65.


  • Runners will meet approximately three times per week at Colonial Baptist and/or Bond Park on High House Road in Cary. The days will vary?
  • Starting on Tuesday June 7th we will be begin the first pre-season practices. We will have practices every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 7:00. The coaches will determine whether or not to expand to Saturday mornings at 8:30 in June after gauging the experience during the first two weeks of practice. Either way, starting in July the team will meet on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. When we get into the season in August, the weekday practice times will move to 4:00 PM with Saturdays remaining at 8:30. That will be the schedule from August through the beginning of October.
  • Meets will begin in late August and run through early October. Meet distance is a 3K (1.86 miles) for middle school runners.
  • Boys/girls, runners will train together but will run separate races at the meets (not co-ed).
  • We are able to field teams of approximately 25 girls and 25 boys at the middle school meets.
  • Emphasis will be placed on fun and sportsmanship, along with running, stretching and injury prevention skills.
  • There will be a team devotion during each session.



Cross Country Registration


 Coach’s Corner