Recreational Soccer (6-18 yrs)


AGES 6-18

Registration for the fall season has now gone to a Wait List


(6-18 years old):  Recreational, Inter-league

Our Match Play Soccer League consists of recreational play for children from 6 - 18 years old. Colonial soccer leagues are designed to teach and develop a player's skills while incorporating a positive Christian influence.  The cost for this league is $80 ($160 for the U19 boys/$80 if you already have a uniform). Registration for this league will close at 11:59 pm on Monday, August 6th.

Team Placements

Since Colonial Sports Ministry has grown to more than 3000 participants annually, we are no longer able to accommodate every request. However, we will still

  • Allow you to select one night that you are unable to practice,
  • Allow your children to play on the same team of whomever you invite (as long as it is their first time participating in the Colonial Sports Ministry),
  • Do our best to have siblings practice on the same night.

Age Divisions

Exact age splits are subject to slight change. We do occasionally allow skilled players to play up, but no player may play down. Parents must seek approval for their child to play up before registering them. Register your child by their age as of 9/1/19 for our fall league.

  • U8 - Ages 6-7
  • U10 - Ages 8-9
  • U12 - Ages 10-11
  • U15 - Ages 12-14
  • U19 - Ages 15-18, boys only.
  • The U19 Boys league will be competitive with games against non-Colonial teams and will require some travel.


To help create equally skilled teams, there will be an evaluation night.

  • All players who did not play in the 2019 Spring MatchPlay Soccer league MUST attend (there is no Evaluation Night for the U19 boys league).
  • Evaluations will be held on Tuesday, August 6th from 5:15-6:30 pm out by the soccer fields (Thursday, August 8th is a back-up date in case of inclement weather on 8/6). Please add these dates to your calendar now to make sure you keep these dates open.
  • For the evaluation night, please have your child bring a ball (with their first & last names clearly written with black permanent marker on it), shin guards, and cleats.


  • Practices will begin the week of August 26th and conclude the week of October 14th.
  • Each team will practice once per week (except U19 boys who will practice twice/week) on either a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday evening.
  • Players will be assigned a practice time of either 5:00-6:15 pm or 6:15-7:30 pm.
    • With shortened daylight time in the evening as the season progresses, there will be adjustments to these times about which parents and coaches will all be notified by the director, Peter Bonner.
  • Due to possible family scheduling conflicts you will have the opportunity to exclude one practice night.
  • Practice days & time slot will remain the same for the entirety of the season.
  • Practices will not be made up if inclement weather causes a cancellation. (please view our complete weather policy)

Practice Map




Game Map


  • Games begin on Saturday, September 7th and conclude on Saturday, October 19th (7 games).
  • Games are on Saturdays (8 am - 3 pm).
  • All games are played at Colonial.
  • The U8 age division will play on a 135' x 180' field whereas the U10, U12, and U15 field sizes will be determined by registration numbers, and subsequently, roster sizes.
  • Teams are limited in number to allow each player an opportunity to play at least 1/2 of each game. Also, since we are a recreational league, we ask all our coaches to have their players play varied positions throughout the season.

SPECIAL NOTE: please know prior to registering your child that we are quite strict enforcing that no one wears earrings regardless of the size of the earrings during games. We suggest taking them out just prior to the game and then put them back in right after the game. In this way, they are out for just over an hour. You can put a band aid over the hole to prevent possible infection.

Game Schedules

U8 BoysU8 Girls
U10 BoysU10 Girls
U12 BoysU12 Girls
U15 BoysU15 Girls


Equipment requirements for this league include:

  • Soccer cleats are highly recommended (running shoes if they are considered safe by the officiating referee)
  • Shin guards
  • Socks that will cover the shin guards
  • Sports shorts, preferably without pockets
  • A size 4 soccer ball will be used for U8-U12. A size 5 soccer ball will be used for U15-U19.
  • Please write your child's full name (first & last names) in black permanent marker on all their equipment!


It truly is a gift from God to be able to allow these precious foster children the opportunity to play soccer in a Christ honoring environment here at Colonial.  I'd like to share a story of just how God works in these young lives when they come from such bad situations.  DSS mandates that she be in therapy. In her session this week her therapist told her that lying sends you to hell and telling the truth you go to Heaven.  She told her therapist that the only way to go to Heaven is to ask Jesus in your heart to be your Savior because sin separates us from God. Now we talk about this all the time, attend church, Awana and soccer, but when I ask the kids what they learned about Jesus they never seem to be able to tell me and I was wondering if any of it was making an impact!  But I was quickly reminded from her therapy session that God is ALWAYS working even when we don't see it!!!


One of our players was from China. He and his family moved back to China on May 31st after being in the Raleigh area for six years. At the first practice, he said, "I am Chinese. There is no God in China." As the weeks went on, he would ask many questions about each of the devotionals we did. By the end of the season, he looked forward to the devotional time more than any other time in practice. He kept asking, "why would Jesus want to die?" and "why did Jesus have to die?" and other questions that showed that he had been thinking very deeply about the truths we had been discussing throughout the season. Our whole family was praying for him during the season, and we continue to pray that the seeds that were planted while he was here blossom into saving faith in his life, and he shares that faith with the people of China!

       - Coach J

Joe got to know one of the boys (David) from his soccer team during the course of the season and invited David to Awana's on Sunday night a few weeks ago.  Through talking to his dad we found out that they moved to the area about a year ago and are currently not going to church.  David and his younger sister came to Awana's and they loved it and are still coming each week!  I'm not sure if his dad is going to the Sunday evening service but he knows that it is there and available for him.  So excited that David and his sister are in Awana's hearing God's word each week....memorizing Bible verses.  Hopefully his family will start coming to church again.

       -Coach L.